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* I give consent for Standard Bank to check my credit record with any credit reference agency. I also give consent for Standard Bank to provide credit reference agencies with regular updates about the conduct of my accounts, including the failure to meet the agreed terms and conditions. I also agree that the credit reference agencies may, in turn, make my record and details available to other credit grantors.

* I give consent for Standard Bank to carry out identity and fraud prevention checks and to share information relating to this application through the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service.

* I confirm that the information provided is accurate and that I have not withheld any additional information that may affect the decision.

* I give consent to Standard Bank to collect my personal information from other lawful data sources and biometric information for verification purposes.

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Yes No * You marketing your products,services and special offers to me.
Yes No * You sharing my personal information within the group for marketing purposes and the group then marketing its products,services and special offers to me.

If you have failed to indicate your preferance or if you do not return this document to us we will assume that you have replied "yes" to these questions.